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Basic StatisticsEdit


  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 140 lbs.
  • Skin Color: Slightly tanned
  • Build: Toned due to all of her sports activities. She isn't the type to give up food just to lose a few extra pounds so it's a good thing she has a high metabolism. She's also rather well-endowed with a 34D bust and perfectly rounded hips, which give her all the right curves in all the right places.
  • Face: Slightly rounded with high cheekbones. Her top lip is just a smidge larger than her bottom lip.
  • Eyes: Right eye is sparkling sapphire and left is deep emerald. Given the other oddities about her appearance (such as her constantly transfigured hair), most people assume this is yet another spell, but Racyne actually inherited this trait from her mother.
  • Hair: Naturally jet black and pin straight. However, she rarely keeps it the same color and style for two days in a row. One day it might be shocking blue and short, the next a bubblegum pink mohawk. On particularly indecisive mornings, she'll transfigure it into a rainbow of color.
  • Clothing Style: She tends to lean more toward the punk and goth styles, but by no means does she limit herself to that. Her style tends to change with her mood. She accessorizes her school uniform to personalize it, and when not required to be in uniform she favors miniskirts, bustiers, bondage pants, and platform boots.
  • Piercings: Five in each ear, two in her right eyebrow, and one in her tongue.
  • Jewelry: A silver pentacle necklace, which she always wears. Racyne also has a skull necklace with color-changing gems in the eyes; the gems glow in the dark to provide light only the bearer can see.
  • Scars: Plenty of small, insignificant scars that generally come with having three brothers.
  • Tattoos: None yet, but she plans to get some as soon as she turns 17.
  • Distinguishing Features: Mismatched eyes


  • Voice: Slightly husky but not deep. She sounds pretty feminine until she gets sick; then she sounds like she's been smoking ten packs a day for twenty years.
  • Accent: Western New England
  • Religion: Wiccan
  • Likes: drawing, painting, singing, acting, reading, writing, dancing, sewing, costume design, eccentricity, surprises, social gatherings, meeting new people, sports, being outside, dreaming, animals, being in the spotlight
    • Favorite Color: blood red
    • Favorite Food: spaghetti carbonara
    • Favorite Drink: butterbeer
    • Favorite Music: symphonic metal, like Nightwish
    • Favorite Class: Fine Arts
  • Dislikes: needles, her stepmother, not knowing why someone doesn't like her, being taken for granted, monotony, bullies, anyone who tries to inhibit creativity, small closed-in spaces, being ignored
    • Least Favorite Color: gray
    • Least Favorite Food: asparagus
    • Least Favorite Drink: American beer
    • Least Favorite Music: country
    • Least Favorite Class: History of Magic (even though she's not taking it anymore)
  • Good Traits: funny, passionate, energetic, optimistic, independent, creative, open-minded, confident, ambitious, friendly, cheerful, easy to get along with, sociable, adapts well to change
  • Bad Traits: stubborn, impatient, sarcastic, tactless, doesn't work well under pressure, rarely serious when she needs to be, occasional mood swings, mildly self-absorbed
  • Goals: To graduate with S.T.O.M.P.s for all her classes. To be a stage actress on Broadway. To visit Japan. To move out of her stepmother's house.
  • Fears: That her father secretly blames her for her mother's death. Dementors. Needles.
  • Secrets: She still blames herself for her mother's death, even though she tells everyone she's over it. She sometimes steals money from her stepmother. She was assaulted by Ciaren Kaine.
  • Hobbies: drawing, writing, painting, sewing, listening to music
  • Habits: knocking things over
  • Mental Conditions: mild ADD
  • Intelligence: For the most part, Racyne has decent skill in all areas of magic except for transfiguration, which she has been studying with Rhianna outside of class to make sure she passed her E.M.U. last year. To be honest, she doesn't try as hard as she could in school, finding extracurriculars to be far more interesting. Her common sense is a come-and-go type of thing; at times she can be very sensible, the voice of reason, and at other times she's just clueless.
  • Self-Reflection: Overall, Racyne sees herself as a good person who occasionally breaks minor rules in the name of fun. She overlooks a lot of her flaws, seeing only her good characteristics until someone points out her faults and she's forced to accept them. However, ethically, Racyne tries to do the right thing simply because she should, not for any ulterior reasoning.
  • Interaction: She's very sociable and easy to get along with as long as she doesn't feel judged. She is very open-minded and doesn't care whether someone is popular or not; oftentimes the most interesting people are the ones who don't show it outright. She likes creative people because she's an artist, but then again everyone's creative in their own way.
  • Overview: The most important thing about Racyne is that she always tries to get to know someone despite what other people might say about them. She is perfectly capable of making her own decisions about people and tends to give them the benefit of the doubt. She also isn't very good at holding grudges; if she's particularly miffed about something, she may resort to the silent treatment for a couple weeks and then all of a sudden decide that she's speaking to the offender again, all past crimes forgotten.


  • Languages: Bits and pieces of Japanese that she picked up from watching a lot of anime
  • Mundane Strengths: acting, ad-libbing, cheering people up, singing, constructive criticism, lying, sewing, skateboarding, snowboarding, gymnastics, drawing, color theory, gift-giving, making friends, video games, pranking
  • Mundane Weaknesses: patience, tact, homework, deadlines, working under pressure, focusing on one thing at a time
  • Magical Strengths: dueling, flying, Quidditch, Quodpot, potion-making, charms
  • Magical Weaknesses: transfiguration, divination, dementors, hinkypunks
  • Apparition: not yet, she'll be learning in her fourth year
  • Occlumency/Legilimency: neither
  • Patronus/Animagus: corporeal Patronus, no Animagus



  • Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts
  • Education: Five years at Salem Hall, three years at Salem Institute. She will be starting her fourth year in September.
  • Achievements: 11 E.M.U.s (all but History of Magic, but who cares about that!), passed every challenge song on DDR at the arcade
  • Regrets: upsetting her dad by fighting with Alodie, being attracted to Ciaren Kaine
  • Biography:
Racyne's parents, Keith and Vanora, met while they were in school, her mother in a Muggle high school and her father attending Salem Institute. Her mother had aspirations to become a doctor and Keith loved how ambitious and determined she was. They had Corey when they were sixteen and got married when they were seventeen, and promptly adopted Keith's younger brother, Brett, so he wouldn't be condemned to foster care (Keith's parents died when he was sixteen). They had Racyne when they were eighteen, but Vanora died shortly after giving birth, ripping a hole in their family. No matter how many times Keith has insisted on the contrary, Racyne has grown up with the constant feeling that she was responsible for killing her mother.
Six years passed and Racyne's childhood was pleasant. Her big brother Brett (even though he was technically her uncle, they had always been just as close as siblings) tolerated her constant presence and introduced her to video games, skateboarding, and guitars. Growing up with two brothers, she was always "one of the guys" and was never afraid to get dirty or rough-house. And there was a lot of fighting, too; while she got along well with her oldest brother, Corey was a troublemaker and constantly picked on Racyne. Perhaps it was this aspect of her life that led her to be so outspoken and independent.
It was at this point that a small bicycle accident led her to meet her lifelong best friend, Nik. Racyne was very much an outdoor person, preferring the fresh air to sitting in front of a TV all day, and was riding her bike in the neighborhood one day when her shoelace got stuck in the pedal and she crashed into someone's garbage bin. The Muggle boy playing with his dog in the yard rushed over to see if she was okay, and she immediately decided that he was going to be her new friend.
She was about six years old when her father started dating again. Of course, this was difficult for her to accept, seeing as she always had his undivided attention (he doted upon her, probably because she was the only girl in the family) and now she was forced to share him with this woman that she didn't particularly like. Alodie was beautiful and rich, yes, but she had a mean streak that only ever seemed to show itself when Keith wasn't around. She was a blood purist, which made it difficult for the three siblings; Racyne and Corey were half-blood and Brett was a Squib. But for some reason unknown to Racyne, her father fell in love with Alodie and, as far as anyone could tell, she reciprocated the feeling.
After their marriage, Racyne tried her best to tolerate the woman for her father's sake. She saw how happy Alodie made him; after all, he must have been lonely all those years without his wife. It was only two years before she started at Salem Hall, where she spent ten months of the year, so it wasn't as difficult to deal with after that. When she got her letter, she was afraid that she'd have to stop being friends with Nik, but to everyone's surprise he had received the same letter and so she told him all she knew about the magical world.
In school, Racyne made friends almost instantly. Her life significantly improved once she put distance between herself and her stepmother. In the meantime, she had a new little brother on the way. Keith and Alodie had a son of their own and, as much as Racyne wanted to be disgusted and angry about it, she fell in love with Rylie at once. As she looked up to Brett, so did Rylie look up to her. She finally had something to look forward to when she went home for the holidays.
While their little family isn't perfect, things are better now. Racyne and Alodie still fight (a lot) while Keith plays mediator, and Corey is still an ass, but everyone seems to be much happier.

Magical StatisticsEdit

  • Wand Properties: 9 1/2 inches, hazel, dragon heartstring, flexible
  • Patronus/Animagus Form: Golden pheasant
  • Special: None
  • E.M.U. Scores:
    • Astronomy: E
    • Charms: M
    • Dark Arts and Defense: E
    • Fine Arts: M
    • Flying and Exercise: M
    • Herbology: E
    • History of Magic: H
    • Magical Creatures: M
    • Magical Languages: E
    • Muggle Studies: M
    • Potions and Alchemy: M
    • Transfiguration: S

Extra Notes


photos courtesy of Mila Kunis